Week 24 ….. What is the Truth?

I have spent some time this week really thinking about how much I have learned and how many adjustments I have made in my thinking, my perspective and my actions over the past 6 months since starting the MKMMA course in September.  It’s unbelievable sometimes how fast 6 months passes but when I look back I am very happy and excited about the new foundation I have built for my future life.  I am much more at ease with myself and less prone to beating myself up over not doing this or not doing that.  I gratefully practice the law of least effort by:

  1. Accepting both myself and my environment just as it is.
  2. Taking responsibility for my situation and looking for opportunities to make things better.
  3. Being defenseless and not feeling the need to change someone’s point of view or to be rigidly attached to my current point of view.

Living according to this law gives me peace and clears my mind to really look for those opportunities to make life better for others as well as myself.  It also allows me to live fully in the moment and the day to create my new future while learning from my past (not dwelling in my past).

I have picked up some great habits that I will continue to carry on long after this course and the “requirements” have passed.  Reading my DMP each day, reading my index cards each day, giving gratitude each day, keeping my promises, reviewing and designing my plan of action, completing services each week, studying teachings from the great mind masters and achievers each day, building my new blueprint each day, visualizing my new reality daily, etc, etc, etc.  Oh yeah …. and especially my sits!!!

Part 24 of Haanel’s Master Key has been incredibly enjoyable for me to read and ponder this week.  It’s amazing how religion, science and philosophy all intertwine and point to the same truth.  Our thinking controls our destiny and our destiny has no limits as long as our thinking is based in harmony with the Truth!  The thing to wrestle with is …. what is the truth?  Our perceptions, based on our senses, form what we think reality is and what we think truth is, but our senses and therefore our perceptions are fooled constantly.  For example, if you lived before satellites … is the earth flat or round? … does the sun travel around the earth or does the earth orbit the sun?  What other “truths” do we think we “know” but ….we just haven’t seen enough “evidence” to change our thinking, or perception, of what is really true?  The Master Key teaches us the only way to really find the Truth is to go into the Silence to know the Truth and to construct the conditions we desire by convincing ourselves absolutely the conditions we desire are the Truth.  Our thoughts must be in harmony with the Truth however, and that’s where most of us, myself especially, fall off the wagon.  We let our thoughts rest on inharmonious conditions so we get less than perfect conditions and results.  We possess the power to control and create any outcome we desire to benefit both ourselves and others.  We just need to practice and perfect our ability to maximize our ability to wield and control this power in harmony with the Truth continuously and perfectly.

It’s amazing to know this power is in me and you and everyone around us.  Imagine what this world would be like if all of us knew it and were practiced with it! What a world it would be!  Have a great week and go dig for the Truth!

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Week 23 …… I am Becoming Master of Myself

We are closing in on the final weeks of our MKMMA course and what a journey it has been.  I think back to September and where I was both mentally and from an ability to make things happen for myself and there is no question I have grown tremendously.  I always believed each of us controlled our own fate but I didn’t know how to think properly and how to focus on manifesting things in my life consistently.  Despite my poor thinking in the past I have achieved many of my goals and dreams.  It shows we don’t need much good thinking substance to get great results.  I really love this month’s scroll from Og.  “I am master of my emotions.”  I especially love the section that reads “Weak is he who permits his thoughts to control his actions, strong is he who forces his actions to control his thoughts.”  I added that to my stack of cards to read a few times daily as a reminder to myself.  I also added the final sentence “I am master of my emotions!” to the card.  When we complete this course I’m going to take some time to review each lesson again.  I’m sure I will pick up things I didn’t catch before, especially from the beginning of the course.  I’ve already been able to give away alot of the information I’ve learned to help others with their struggles and journeys. I love being able to help others while I help myself.

On a healing note, I’ve been able to continuously put lesson 22 into practice by visualizing and knowing that my body knows how to heal itself perfectly.  My surgery went well on Wednesday and I’m home healing now.  I made sure each day a couple of weeks before surgery to send good thoughts and blessings to my surgeon, the hospital staff and the surgery assistants.  After surgery I continuously visualized my body healing itself perfectly through all of its systems.  I visualized the blood circulating, the endocrine and energy systems circulating, my incisions healing from the inside to the outside and all of my other systems working together in perfect harmony to heal me quickly.  I am healing pretty well, I feel pretty good and my pain seems pretty manageable.  I’m grateful things went well and I’m sure I’ll be fully back on my feet soon.  My secret weapon is the power of my positive mind and the tools I have learned from this course!

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Week 22a ….. Self Directed Success!

Well …. week 22a is almost in the books.  What a week it has been.  Since it was an off week with no webinar, we were instructed to be self directed in preparation for our upcoming commencement and life after the MKMMA course.  I was happy to repeat a daily reading of Haanal’s part 22 to continue to keep my mind right about my upcoming surgery next week.  Today, however, I was able to put our studies, along with Og Mandino’s scroll IV into action.

It’s performance appraisal time at work and today I received my appraisal from my boss.  I expected to receive a great review and some great, reinforcing and uplifting comments to go along with that great rating.  I received a copy of the review this morning along with a few top level thoughts from him.  As I expected, the rating was good and what I expected.  My boss told me to go read through the review and we could talk about it later in the day.  As I sat down at my desk and began to read the comments, they weren’t as uplifting and reinforcing as I expected.  In fact, as I read through them I could feel the blood rush to my face and my frustration, anger and defensive posture begin to percolate.  My mind rushed to begin to put together my defending arguments and I began to play scenario’s of our upcoming discussion through my head.  I read and re-read the words boiling my blood even more.  As I sat in disbelief my mind wandered to Og’s Scroll IV……”Today I will be master of my emotions……Weak is he who permits his thoughts to control his actions;  strong is he who forces his actions to control his thoughts….I will master my moods through positive action and when I master my moods I will control my destiny…”  I then sat quietly and began to write out the things I was doing right and the things I perceived I was being wrongly criticized for in my appraisal.  From there I wrote down the questions that were buzzing around my mind.  “What am I doing wrong?…. Who thinks I’m not contributing?…Why do you think I’m not doing this or that? …”.  Of course they came out all defensive and emotional but I needed to empty my mind.  My mind then went to our last webinar lesson from week 22.  I grabbed the MKMMA folder I carry with me that always contains the prior week’s printed slides along with my notes and began to leaf through the lesson, carefully reviewing each slide and recalling the words from the lesson.   I began to assess myself and where my mindset was according to our lessons.  I asked myself “How do I give gratitude for this input?”  Of course at first my mind was unable to come up with any immediate answers, but the more I thought and the more I dove into the lesson the more clear and calm things became for me.  I came across the slide on accepting the premise of responsibility and wrote on my paper “How do I accept the responsibility to add more value?”  The slides about using the components of our comfort zone as tools were next.  As I slowly digested each slide and each component I began to write out my “Action Plan”.

1.  Accept responsibility and move ahead  (get over the hurt feelings already Kim!). 2. What focus needs to come from this that I can convert to action (fear anyone???).  3.  Chanel the anger into positive action  4.  Know I am worthy and I have nothing to feel guilty about. I’m doing a good job.  5.  How do I better get into service to support my boss, peers and the people who work for me?  6.  Be master of my emotions.  7.  Celebrate success!!!!

I then re-wrote the questions I needed to go through with my boss from the perspective of seeking information and his input as to how I could better service his needs, I scheduled the appointment with him and proceeded to have a great discussion.  What I found was his input and the things he needed from me were not even close to my interpretation of the words on the pages.  Go figure!!!  He was pleased with my work and he was actually looking for me to step up to another level of leadership.  He was having difficulty detailing what exact areas he wanted me to focus on so he asked that we work on it together in the weeks to come.  Bottom line, I got my blood in a boil for nothing!  How many times does that have to happen before I learn to control my emotions from the get go???

I’m so grateful I had the practice ingrained in me from this course to stop and observe myself before I ran down the wrong path and potentially damage my credibility and reputation.  I’m also grateful I had the knowledge to be able to put into action the self directed and self controlled activities that resulted in a great outcome, great discussion and I’m sure a better future for all of us at work.  I’m exhausted but refreshed at the same time and I’m truly grateful my weekend won’t be ruined by my old, juvenile,cement Buddha mindset!  Have a great week and put the tools we are learning and practicing to good use in your life.  It’s worth it!

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Week 22 ….. Healing Thoughts!

Part 22 of Haanal’s Master Keys about health and healing couldn’t have come at a more perfect time for me.  I am headed into surgery in less than 2 weeks for the first time ever.  The surgery is not minor but it is routine.  The Master Key this week reminds us that our body subconsciously knows exactly how to heal itself perfectly all the time.  It is when we interfere with with this perfect action by introducing thoughts of fear, doubt and anxiety into into the mix that we mess up our natural perfection.  I have always believed in the power of positive thoughts but this lesson in it’s entirety really caught my attention and I focused on every word this week.  My sits have been centered around thinking calm, positive and joyful thoughts around all aspects of my health and my upcoming healing.  I am picturing the healing in detail from the moment my surgeon makes the first cut to the final disappearance of the visible scar and being fully back to 100% activity.  I am giving thanks and gratitude for my surgeon because I know she has performed hundreds of these surgeries and I am grateful for her experience and guidance to me.  I am giving thanks for the hospital and their staff of experienced and awesome professionals that will take care of my needs while I am in their care.  I am giving thanks that I am young and a relatively healthy person and I have done what I need to do to prepare for a speedy recovery both physically as well as mentally.  I am giving thanks for my friends and family who have gone through this before and have provided their experiences and advice to me to help me with my expectations around this foreign process.  I have also been reminded of the powerful influence of how extremely subtle fears and uneasiness can affect our bodies.  Yesterday I could have sworn that I was totally calm and relaxed at my pre-op appointment but sure enough, when they took my blood pressure, it was a bit elevated from my normal readings.  It is amazing to me just how powerful our mind is and how finely tuned our bodies are to react any thought.  I must have small fears or doubts that are virtually imperceptible to my conscience awareness that affect my body’s natural state.  WOW.  I think more sits are on the agenda for me!  I’m so blessed and grateful to have the Master Key experience and training to be able to lean on and put into practice in my life.  It gives me such an advantage over being one of the masses who just don’t know how much power they have to make the life of their dreams.  Life is awesome so enjoy it fully everyday!

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Week 21….. Miracles????

So…. is everything around us a result of a miracle or not?  That is the question we were asked to ponder this week during our Master Key class.  I have always found it easier to believe in miracles than to not believe.  As I was driving home from Florida to Upstate New York over the past 2 days I took the time to really enjoy nature and to really think about each creation in nature from trees to animals to the air we breathe to the water that nourishes us.  If I battleship my way back through to the origin of each creation I can’t help but wonder how each creation began…. by chance? ….. by natural order of the universe? … by miracle? ……. by some other means?  What about us as humans?  How did we first begin? ….. Evolution?  If so, what started the chain and is that a miracle? …. By God?  If so, is that is a miracle?….  By the big bang theory?  If so, isn’t that a miracle the moons and the stars aligned perfectly?  Anyway I think of it, the miracle is the easiest way to wrap my brain around the answer to that question.  Nature is so beautiful and awesome if you ask me.  I can’t get enough of the beauty no matter if I’m on a beautiful beach looking at the great ocean or if I’m looking at the snow being blown and driven by the wind in sub-zero temperatures.  Nature is a true gift to admire and appreciate and I’m happy to remind myself daily of its greatness and beauty.  Have a great week and enjoy the miracles that surround you.

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Week 20 …… The Law of Relaxation

Well I thought this week would be a perfect time to really practice the law of relaxation.  I’m on vacation down in Daytona, Fla … far, far away from the sub-zero cold, wind chill and snow of upstate New York, spending time with family and friends.  But nope…. for some reason I have really struggled to relax.  I’m anxious and fidgety.  I should probably unplug from all E-mail but I’m not really interested in coming back to hundreds of unread E mails (an excuse or a good plan of action? Hmmmm another thing to ponder)  To top it off, my friend who is staying at our house and watching our dogs is having a heck of a time keeping the driveway plowed between the winds and the quantity of snow.  I was back and forth with him Sunday trying to talk him through where he can push the snow and not get stuck and again today when he lost a brake line on the plow truck.  We had to work with him and neighbors long distance to try to line up both a fix for the truck and a way to keep the driveway opened up.  On one hand I feel guilty I’m here and he is there suffering through this but then I try to think of our lesson from Sunday and think of ways I can use this guilt as a tool (still working on that).  Our ability to call neighbors to get help while we are out of town reminds me of the practice my wife and I always live by which is “give more”.  We never really thought about adding “to get more” but it is coming to us now.  We have always had great relationships with our neighbors and helped anytime we could.  How great it is that we can call a number of neighbors now and they are more than happy to assist in any way.  It definitely takes a load off my mind.  I know I need to relax not only here on vacation but in my life in general if I truly want to manifest my DMP, but it seems like there is always something running through my mind to worry about.  I have spent time during my sits trying to figure out how to better relax but I still need more practice to really control my thoughts around relaxation.  I do notice that when I relax my mind around money worries, for instance, money seems to flow more freely toward me.  Repeat…repeat….repeat…. right???

I am enjoying creatively keeping up with my exercises this week (for the most part) and I’m really enjoying doing my sits.  I am pondering that we are all able to manifest anything we desire, we are just not practiced enough with enough good quality thoughts and/or control over those thoughts to be effective and efficient at this yet.  If I think back through my life, I have manifested many things that I have desired (my home, my relationship, my job, etc.).  I have done this without really being as knowledgeable about or practiced with the power of good, clean thoughts as I am now.  Now that I am more educated and practiced, I’m truly excited about my future!  I just require more practice and more focus and the development of better habits!

After writing this blog it feels like I have been through a great therapy session, I’m more relaxed and feel ready to perfect the law of relaxation in my life over the next week and a half :o)  Thanks for being my sounding board and have an awesome week for yourself!!

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Week 19 …… Balancing Business with Vacation

What a week I’m anticipating.  I’m on vacation and spent the last 2 days driving down to Florida from the snowy, cold of upstate New York.  I made sure during our drive that I enjoyed our trip, taking time to enjoy nature and the conversation and company in the vehicle around me.  I’m very happy to be away from the snow and blistering cold for a couple of weeks as well.  I feel like I need to decompress and relax over the next couple of weeks but I’m not sure if my mind will let me.  I feel like I will have a better chance of keeping my job at bay vs. my business, although I will be monitoring my E mail from my job to make sure it isn’t out of control when I return.  My business is another story.  My MLM company is running a promotion that has caused my business to explode in an exponential manner.  I’m excited to have the opportunity to help my team grow but I will need to do this from the road, while taking days off to enjoy activities and family during my vacation.  The question is how much time should I take off vs. provide support.  Choices…Choices!  I vow that I will enjoy it no matter what and I will ask myself each day… ‘What adventure does life have in store for me today”!  I’m happy to be on vacation and I’m happy to use this as a way to learn how to build my team and support my team from a distance.  I will also do my best to make sure I am diligent with my MKMMA exercises while down here, at least to the best of my ability.  I will have to be creative and organized but I am up for the adventure!  Have a great week everyone!

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Week 18 again…. Actions of the future me

My future self… What would I do?  What would be important to me?  What would I care about?  What have I done to get there?  What kind of person am I?  What would I look back on from my years past and ask myself why I wasted my time on it or why did I worry about that?  How do I feel about things?  These are all questions I have been pondering and sitting with this week as I soak on our MKMMA lesson and ask myself multiple times daily … “What would the person I intend to become do next?”.  What a great perspective to focus on and wake up my awareness to my present actions, feelings and thoughts.  Our time on earth is short and as we are learning this month from Og, we need to make each minute count as if it is our last day.  We need not worry about the past because we can do nothing to change it.  We need to savor each moment because time is the one resource we can never replace.  It is the true scarce resource on earth, yet most of us have wasted much time in our lives, especially me.  So what should I do to make each minute count today and going forward?  How will I behave today to finish the masterpiece of my life elegantly and with purpose?  How do I look at life as an adventure waiting to happen instead of being uptight and worrisome?  Again, these are all questions I have begun to ponder multiple times daily to assure I correct my course each hour and minute, much like the autopilot on a plane gently nudges the plane back on course without anyone on board knowing….. effectively and efficiently.  My thoughts and mind remain on my DMP to guide me toward my desired destination.  I believe in myself and others.  I help others be the best they can be as much as I can and if they are willing and ready to hear.  I have stopped beating myself up for things that are in the past.  I learn lessons from the past but I have stopped dwelling on that which I cannot change.  I focus my energy on manifesting my future, enjoying those around me and enjoying life and what it brings to me.  I am whole.  I am perfect.  I am strong.  I am powerful.  I am loving.  I am harmonious.  I am happy.  I love you all and what you do for me!  Thank you and get out there and enjoy your life and make it count!

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Week 18……The Flower

This week in our MKMMA home study course was a review week.  I spent some time reflecting on all I have learned so far and how much that learning has allowed me to grow as both a person and a leader.  As I wrote last week, things are firing on all cylinders for me right now in my home life, my work life and my business life.  I feel very happy and free from worries and nagging thoughts because I know everything will all work out the way it is supposed to work out if I keep my eyes and my mind on my DMP and if I keep being of service to others without expectation of reciprocity.  My epiphany this week came as I was re-looking at Master Key lesson 9.  The sit with that lesson is to visualize a flower right from the seed being planted through the flower blooming.  As I was reading the lesson, it occurred to me that the seed is my DMP as I have written it out but not yet lived it.  The soil around the seed is my mind and each week as I learn more and as I continue to diligently do my MKMMA exercises, my mind (or the soil) becomes better and more fertile.  The sunshine that warms the soil, and the water and the minerals in the soil are my confidence, my giving to others and my successes all enabling that seed to sprout from an idea to my full blown, fully realized DMP.  All I need to do is keep growing in all areas and soon my DMP will blossom and become the reality I envisioned for myself and all to enjoy!  I had not thought of that lesson in that manner back in week 9.

I’m grateful for all this MKMMA course has brought to me so far.  Tonight I am looking forward to Battleshipping my Press Release!  As for our question of “what am I pretending not to know”?  I haven’t cracked that code yet for myself.  I will continue to sit with that thought to see what new epiphany awaits me!  Have a great week and may all of your DMP seeds grow into beautiful flowers so that we can create a beautiful garden together throughout the world!

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Week 17……. Just Ask!!!!!

All I can say about this week is WOW!!!!!!!  I’ve had what I feel is quite the breakthrough around belief, power and the mind (or the Universe or God or whatever descriptor you want to put on it).  I have been faithfully doing the majority of my MKMMA exercises from the start of our course, especially around the readings and the affirmations.  I’ll admit for the first 8-10 weeks I’m not sure I really believed by DMP could come true.  I thought maybe I had reached too far, for too much and in too little time.  But the transformation began the week we wrote out our one sentence DMP and read it looking in the mirror for 50 minutes.  Something transformed in my belief that day and I really began to feel more confident and driven towards my goals and desires.  Then as we put together our achievement card decks and began to read them everyday the reinforcement continued.  When we got the assignment to listed to Earl Nightengale’s “The Strangest Secret” recording, I did that for a few days then I decided to write out a card with his suggested affirmation and I added it to the deck that contained my service card, movie trailer, POA card and the Law of Giving cards.  The card I added read “Ask, and it shall be given to you; Seek, and ye shall find; Knock, and it shall be opened to you; For everyone that asketh receiveth”.  Simple huh!  I read this card three times per day just as I did with the other cards.  A final addition came from a book that one of my business leaders recommended I should read called “The Prayer of Jabez”.  I had read this book a couple years back but when I read it again this year after being half way through the MKMMA course it really hit home to add this prayer to my affirmation deck.  The prayer is a very simple four line prayer but it packs a punch.  The prayer that I added to my card reads “Oh, that you would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory, that your hand would be with me, and that you would keep me from evil”.  I began to read this card three times per day along with the others in the deck.  After about 3-4 weeks of adding these affirmations to my others I am absolutely BLOWN AWAY with how many doors of opportunity are opening for me before my eyes!  So many are opening I feel like a kid in a candy shop!  My traditional job is going great and getting better, my MLM team is energized and building like crazy, my wife and I are also inviting with vigor and ease like never before, our personal sponsorship and the quality of new business partners is improving and my MLM company is about to announce some new promotions and products that are touted to blow the doors off of anything they have ever done before with growth estimated to rocket us to new levels of income and achievement!  I feel like I am in exactly the right place at the right time with a turbo booster strapped to my back to rocket myself to my newly manifested self!!!  My sits this week have been effortless and I find myself adding additional sits into my day because I so enjoy soaking my brain on the excitement of what is happening.  Through one of my sits on Monday it hit me that all I did was finally ASK!  I asked for blessings.  I asked for doors to be opened to me.  I asked for my DMP to be manifested.  I asked for my territory (or influence) to be enlarged.  Where has this realization been my whole life?????  WOW…WOW….WOW!!!!!!!!  If you would allow me to make a recommendation to you …… JUST ASK!!!!!

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