Couple Helps Thousands Achieve Financial Freedom

We’re here in beautiful upstate New York where legendary Network Marketing guru Eric Worre is on hand to interview Kim Krisher and Renate Doeve for his upcoming documentary about the Network Marketing industry.  It is a magnificent, blue sky, sunny June day on Lake Ontario where Kim and Renate have made their home since 2002.  A gentle lake breeze drives ripples on the cool, clear water while the Bald Eagles soar overhead.  We make ourselves comfortable on the front deck overlooking the lake and have a cold ice tea to sip on throughout the visit.  The Golden Retriever “Chevy” and Husky “Maxwell” are having a field day running around and visiting with the new guests which are part of Eric’s film and production crew.

Eric W:  I’m so happy to be here to visit with you and to have you tell me and my Network Marketing Pro community your story.

Kim K: Thanks for being here Eric.  We are so happy you are here to visit and that you thought of us as candidates to participate in your wonderful project.

Renate D:  We love what you have done for the Network Marketing community and your work has played a major part in us realizing our financial freedom and helping thousands on our team achieve and millions around the world achieve their freedom as well.

Eric W: Well thank you.  You are too kind.  Let’s get to your story.  You have helped over 8500 people reach their financial freedom number in less than 10 years.  That’s amazing.  What was it that inspired you to have this be the centerpiece of your business campaign?

Kim K: We started out, like most Network Marketers, wanting to retire debt and build a retirement income stream.  Through our own personal growth we quickly realized, again like many, that the way to achieve our goals was to help others achieve their goals.

Renate D:  So we really got to work on developing ourselves as leaders so we could be in the best position to teach others.  We used much of your material to build our Network Marketing skills but we realized we also needed to build our mental skills and confidence in other ways as well.  During our development I came across a program called the Master Keys Mastermind Alliance given by Mark J.  I thought it looked interesting but I was already involved in a couple other coaching programs so I had Kim take a look to see if it was something she was interested in taking advantage of.

Kim K: I looked through the info and it looked great but then I had to decide if I was really going to put the time into the MKMMA and do it justice.  26 weeks is a pretty hefty time and focus commitment but at the time I was not happy with my own results and I was frustrated with myself for being able to be counted on by others but not being able to count on myself to keep my commitments to myself.  So I went for it.  Man… what a great decision.  It really got me to grow so much mentally and as a leader.  While crafting my vision for myself and my Definite Major Purpose or DMP, I realized I needed to focus on helping others on my team achieve their financial freedom and that would allow me to achieve my DMP.  In my first DMP my aim was to help 5 people each year achieve their freedom.  Once I began to lay the groundwork and plan to achieve that number in my business I never expected my teams would duplication it as a system and it blossomed from there!

Eric W:  Wow!  That’s terrific.  So tell our community about the system you use to put this into action.

Renate D: We simply sit down with our new consultant and as we are putting together their “why” we ask them what they view as their financial freedom number.  Once they answer that, we map out a game plan with them that helps them visualize how that is achieved in our compensation plan.  Once they see that we also map out a personal development plan that augments their business plan and helps them achieve both the skills necessary to achieve their freedom as well as the mental mindset needed to achieve their goals.  We then set the plan into motion, track progress and celebrate wins.  The celebrations are the keys to keep the excitement going!

Eric W:  Awesome!  Great stuff!  So as I understand it the results have been tremendous for you as well.  Over $10MM in earnings, the highest recognitions both in rank and awards from your company, monthly earnings of well over $100K/month and your freedom.

Kim K:  Yes, it’s more than we ever imagined.  We’ve been able to do a lot of great things for ourselves… retire early, travel all over the US and the rest of the world, own great property including this great place…… but even more special is what it allows us to give back to people outside of our business.  One of my favorite holiday activities is to find all of the Salvation Army kettles I can find and drop $1000 bills into each one.  Another is to go to Kmart or Wal-Mart and to pay down all of the layaways with children’s toys to provide help and joy to families I don’t even know.  I usually leave a card of encouragement for the sales clerk to pass along to them.  It’s a great feeling to be able to do that year after year and play secret Santa!

Eric W:  What a great gift!  I want to thank you both for your time today and I know the Network Marketing Pro community will love to hear your story.  Thanks and it’s been great chatting with you both.

Kim K: Thanks Eric

Renate D: Thanks Eric

With that the interview wraps and we spend the next 3 hours visiting with Eric and sharing stories and laughs together.  With the sun setting over the lake Eric and his production crew leave our lakeside home.  We smile at each other and go inside to have a wine before retiring for the night.  We toast to a great day!


4 thoughts on “Couple Helps Thousands Achieve Financial Freedom

  1. julieebanksttg

    Loved your press release – it reminded me a lot about my release. Wishing you every success. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for taking some time to look at it. I was actually thinking of re-writing the PR because it feels so uncomfortable to read it. I’m trusting the process. Have a great day!


  3. I like your interview No Fear…Trust…Believe…


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