Week 16…… Thoughts on Thoughts

The Master Key lesson for this week focuses on the value of wealth and the maturity of our thoughts.

The value of wealth is not wealth in and of itself but rather it is a means and a vehicle to accomplish a desired end. Wealth’s value comes in its exchange to secure things of real value.  This seems on the surface to be like motherhood and apple pie but how many of us really spend time drawing up a vision of our desired end vs. just “Show me the money”?  I know I haven’t spent nearly enough time crafting and visualizing my own desired end vs. the time I have spent thinking about money and wealth as an end game.  I’ve had some haphazard thoughts on what that means to me but not a clear mental picture until I began to take this course and develop that vision.

We have learned in previous MKMMA webcasts that we must be very careful of anything we allow our mind to entertain. The watchman at the gate (our conscious mind) must be alert at all times.  Our senses are always taking in new things and our creative energies begin to work to make all of these inputs a reality if we aren’t carefully sorting and sifting and discarding items that don’t help us achieve our desired end vision.  If we haven’t spent time sitting, thinking and visualizing our desired end, how will we know what to entertain and what to discard?  In order to be the best we can be, we need to consciously be the Architect of our own destiny.  Our thoughts are the avenue by which we create our own destiny.  We easily create thoughts but the result of the thought will depend on its form, quality and vitality.  I had never put much time into thinking about my thoughts.  To me a thought is just that….a thought right???  Not if you want it to be as effective as it possibly can to reach your desired end as quickly as possible.  The form of the thought must have clarity, boldness and depth.  The quality of the thought depends on the substance and material of your mind and the things you think about.  Is your mind full of vigor, strength, courage and determination or fear, weakness and self doubt?  The vitality of the thought depends on the feeling you attach to it. Are your thoughts constructive or destructive?  When that thought grows will it bring prosperity, life and abundance or sickness, disease and discord?  What happens to us in our life is what we have created through our own thoughts.  We create what happens either by choice…..well thought out plans, or by chance…. haphazard, fleeting pictures that flash unconnected through our mind.

In order to become masters of our mind and our thoughts we must practice thinking.  The more we practice the better we get and the more clear our vision becomes.  With practice our thoughts becomes clearer in form, our mind develops a better quality as it’s fabric and we develop deeper feelings toward our vision.  As we practice thinking of our vision we also have a much easier and better chance of sorting and sifting the inputs we get everyday and to only keep the material that adds to our vision.  Conversely it becomes easier to discard the material that has no use in making our vision a reality.  I have found the more I develop my vision, the deeper my feelings get toward my vision.  One of my own personal challenges is around adding enough feeling to my dreams and DMP.  I’m a person who doesn’t show a tremendous swing in emotion.  In some ways this has been a good thing for me, especially in being persistent through ups and downs but in others, especially in developing a burning desire, it has not helped me.  I will continue to develop the maturity of my thoughts through my sits and the other exercises we perform through this course.

I also spent time this week re-evaluating my PPN’s to make sure they were the best fit for me, now that I am a bit more educated.  I still think they are right for me.  Liberty is my definite #1 need but helping others and true health are neck and neck for second place.  I know Mark has said that you end up getting them all so I’m sticking with helping others as my second while minoring in true health :o)

I hope everyone has enjoyed our group focus on Kindness as much as I have this week.  It has been fun reading about everyone’s experiences in the Alliances.  Have a great week and keep reaching for your dreams!

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Week 15 ….. Insights

This week our Master Key chapter was about insights.  This reading really resonated with me and gave me extremely enjoyable sits as well.  I found my mind going back to these thoughts constantly whether I was in a formal sit or whether I was just moving from one activity to another throughout my day.  I also found it blended really well with our Greatest Salesman reading on the chapter of being “Natures Greatest Miracle” and brought out a couple passages for me in the chapter that hadn’t hit me yet.  The passages in the Greatest Salesman were the ones where Mandino spoke about “our skills, mind, heart and body will stagnate, rot and die lest I put them to good use” and “… all of my problems, discouragements and heartaches are, in truth, great opportunities in disguise.”  From these passages and blending them with some of the Master Key ideas of this week these scream out to me about knowledge not applying itself and our actions not being governed by knowledge but by custom, precedent and habit.  “We apply knowledge by determined, conscious effort.  Unused knowledge passes from the mind”… and I’m guessing to rot and die as Og suggests.  I’m a person who loves to learn new things but this really makes me pause to think about what I have done with the knowledge I have gained and if I have put it to good use. I have concluded I’m not doing this as well as I could be.  The Keys also suggest that “all conditions and experiences that come to us do so for our benefit.  Difficulties and obstacles will continue to come until we absorb their wisdom and gather from them the essentials of further growth”.  This again I linked with Og’s suggestion that our issues are only opportunities in disguise.  This made me reflect on my mindset toward set backs and disappointments in my life.  Am I taking a moment to really learn from these experiences and to wring out all of the wisdom that I can to move forward? Sometimes, but not as much as I can or should.  This is another area for me to take to heart and to gain insight from.

Right from the introduction of this weeks Master Keys, Haanel talks about the aphids growing wings and flying away when their food and drinking source were gone.  This in itself is definitely a miracle and as Og suggests we also are miracles.  The Keys this week also tell us that we “cannot obtain what we lack if we cling to what we have”.  This is what the aphids do when they fly away from the dead plant.  This statement also gave me plenty of material to gain insight into this week.  What am I clinging to that is holding me back from greater things?  Is it worth it for me to continue to cling to my old thoughts, habits and feelings and forgo what is waiting for me if only I would ask to receive the new and let go of the old.  I think I will sit on these ideas for many more months and constantly revisit this insight.  I have a feeling it will be well worth the effort.

Finally, we are once again reminded of the power of our mind and the mechanisms that make it either work for us in a great way or a harmful way.  “We cannot escape from the pictures we incessantly photograph on the mind, and this photography of erroneous conceptions is exactly what is being done by the use of words, when we use any form of language which is not identified with our welfare….. Words are the first manifestations of thought…. they are the vessels in which thought is carried….Words may become mental places that will live forever or they may become shacks which the first breeze will carry away…..Good thoughts must replace negative thoughts in order for you to destroy discord, lack and limitation.  This will make you a master of destiny……We must exercise insight so the thought we entertain contains no mental, moral or physical germ which we do not wish to objectify in our life…..Insight enables us to be prepared for the obstacles which we shall meet; we can therefore overcome them before they have any opportunity of causing difficulty.  Plan to advantage to turn our thoughts and attention in the right direction….”  Our thoughts and the pictures we draw up in our mind are things that almost all of the human race never become aware of let alone put any effort into mastering.  The great force of our mind acts in “solemn silence”  which means to me that it quietly prompts us in the background but if we aren’t quiet and don’t sit in silence with the concentration to actually hear this eternal force, we miss it and the opportunity that comes with it to harness this great power which manifests our major purpose and the difference we can all make in our lives and the lives of others.  So much material in this short chapter of the Master Keys to deeply ponder.  Awesome!

I’m so grateful this MKMMA course has graced my life.  I’m determined to wring all of the knowledge out if it that I can so I can go and purposefully apply the knowledge I have gained for a greater good.  Have a great week and sorry my blog was a couple days late this week.  I’m back on track and moving forward!

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Week 14…. The Dawn of a New Year

I would like to begin with a Happy New Year to you all.  I wish you happiness and prosperity and that you will all make progress toward manifesting your Dharma.  This week one of our assignments was to pick one of four movies to watch and look for the four little habits of DMP, PMA, POA and MMA.  The movie I chose was Cool Runnings.  I had never seen the movie in its entirety so I watched it both from an entertainment perspective as well as from an observatory perspective.  I was amazed at how much of our MKMMA course was intertwined throughout the movie.  In fact, I swear that Mark and Davene wrote the screenplay.  Two of the characters had very clear DMP’s.  Derise’s was to be an Olympian and Yule’s was to get off the island and live in a palace.  He even carried a picture of Buckingham Palace around with him at all times.  Derise was the one who always had a positive mental attitude no matter what the situation was that faced him.  They had a plan of action to practice, get their minds right, get fit and visualize their task and they executed it daily with gusto!  They also had a mastermind alliance of their team and their coach.  In addition, the affirmation that Yule taught Junior to use was powerful and reminded me of some of our affirmations.  There were quite a few lines throughout the movie you would all recognize from our course as well.  Lines such as “If you aren’t good enough without it, you won’t be good enough with it” and “You’ll know what you’re made of when you cross the finish line”.  Even the name “Cool Runnings” means “Peace be the journey”.  Sound familiar?  It also taught them to be themselves in their journey and have their own style.  Finally, they exhibited persistence throughout the movie with both the odds and seemingly everyone against them.  Up through the end, they persisted and succeeded.  In the end they even walked their sled across the finish line to finish strong no matter what.

Speaking of persistence, this week we also finished strong with Og’s scroll on persistence.  I especially liked reading this scroll this month but I’m looking forward to moving on to the next scroll.  Earl Nightingale’s Strangest Secret was also a great reinforcement showing we are on the right track with what we are learning in this course.  Another book I am reading that again reinforces our learnings is The Prayer of Jabez.  It is written from a religious perspective but it can also be read from an academic perspective if you choose.  I highly recommend you take time to read this and focus on it with a sit as well.

Another thing I really enjoyed this week was our Master Key lesson and the sit concentrating on harmony.  I am thinking about harmony from as many different perspectives as I can from my family life, to my work life, to my business, to myself and nature, to myself and this mastermind group, to my health, etc. I really look forward to the sit and it gives me peace and comfort.

I’m very excited about the dawning of 2015.  I can feel it in my bones that this year will be a great year for me filled with prosperity, happiness, success and major progress toward manifesting my future self.  I have never been more sure and more excited about a new year.  I’m at peace, I know where I’m headed and I have a definite major purpose with a plan of action, a positive mental attitude and a mastermind group that is incredible.  I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!  Have a wonderful new year and go get your dharma!

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Week 13….. Giving Thanks

I have focused on how much I have to be grateful for this week.  I have a terrific life and one that most people would envy.  Still I am restless because I know there is so much more I can do, can have and can be.  This MKMMA course has been a great guide for me to be able to amp up my contribution and my self development.  I love the way we blend the theory and the action into a finely blended recipe for success.  I am grateful that I stumbled across this course offering at the right time in both the calendar and my life.  The Master Keys are correct.  If your mind isn’t prepared to accept something new, you will reject the idea outright.  This is true for me for sure.  A year ago or even 6 months ago I would have probably passed on the opportunity to take this course.  The universe works in wonderful ways!  This weeks Master Key lesson continues to reinforce to me and build my confidence in my belief that getting my thoughts right and focused will propel me forward to achieve my definite major purpose in life.  I just need to continue to refine, practice and take continuous action with feeling on the things that will move me closer to my vision.  “I build my castle one brick at a time because one step at a time is not too difficult”.  I focus on these thought and use them to drive my actions on a daily and weekly basis.  I am grateful for many things and I am especially grateful for the simple exercises from this MKMMA course.  They are simple to do and simple to follow but boy do they produce tremendous results.  The achievement flashcards are also an impactful addition , especially mixed in with gratitude statements and our affirmations.  My subby continues to marinate in and focus on my DMP and the attitudes and actions that I know will produce results for me and all of us in this course together.  I persist and I win!  I close this blog with the final thoughts from my DMP…. I live a life of abundance and I receive blessings daily.  My life is incredible!!!

Have a wonderful week filled with joy and happiness!

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Week 12 ….. Getting into a new groove

In looking back at week 12 I’ve made some breakthroughs and shook off some more cement.  My focus has really improved this week in a number of areas.  I’m really enjoying my sits focusing on the knowledge that I have the internal power to manifest anything I have a burning desire for, so long as it is positive, in harmony and helps all affected.  It’s amazing that my courage to dare dramatically improved this week.  I made up my mind to execute the things I need to do to move my business and my life forward and it was amazingly easy and almost effortless.  I also gained the faith in myself to do.  Again, almost effortless but laser focused.  I didn’t even realize it happened until I sat down to write this blog and reviewed my progress this week.  The subtleties from our exercises really add up.   I really like the exercise of writing out accomplishments on the index cards and reading them mixed in with the affirmations.  Reading them and taking stock of my past successes really builds my confidence and makes me proud to be me.  I also find I am constantly thinking of the key points in my DMP and even humming the background music from my recorded DMP!  I find I am dreaming about my DMP as well. The sit is the last thing I do at night and the first thing I do in the morning before leaving for work.  I am calm, focused and on a mission to manifest my future self.  My thoughts are no longer wandering on the “what I want” or the “when I want it” but rather on looking for opportunities associated with “how to manifest it”.  I have identified what I think are the “hows” but I know the universe is always giving me an abundance of choices that will allow me to succeed in finding my future self.  I KNOW I’m on the right path.  I no longer HOPE or WISH……. I KNOW!!!!!!!   I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!    And so are YOU!!!!!

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Week 11….. Moving through some hiccups

It seems like yesterday that I sat down to write week 10.  I must be having fun because the days and weeks seem to be flying by.  I have found it difficult over the past couple weeks to effectively do my sits.  My mind seems to be everywhere but focused and concentrating on the task at hand….. or relaxing then focusing on the task at hand.  Maybe that’s the issue.  I’m not relaxing enough and letting things go to open my mind.  I’m also not doing as well keeping my promises to myself as it relates to the plan of action items that will move my business forward.  I also must admit that just this last week I started to do OATS the way Mark teaches it and schedule those activities on my calendar (about 10 weeks later than I should have).  Then I proceeded to not honor those scheduled commitments.  GRRRRR……..  I am doing great keeping my promises as it relates to the Master Key exercises but not related to moving my business forward.  I think I need to back up and take some baby steps to develop the right habits and learn from my wins and non wins.

On a positive note, I love to listen to my recordings on my way to and from work.  I also get my “I can be what I will to be” affirmations done by saying it after each pause during my DMP recording during my drive.  I think I’ll record another version this week with Christmas music in the background to celebrate the season and change it up a bit. :o)  Maybe to some Manheim Steamroller!!  I love that music!!!  I also continue to really enjoy the scroll on persistence in the Greatest Salesman this month.  It really makes me think and reminds me to take one step at a time.  I can’t wait until the 15th to cross out “will” and read it from a different perspective.  Onward I march this week one step at a time because one step at a time is not too difficult!!

If I persist long enough I will win!  I will persist!  I WILL WIN!!!!!!!!!

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Week 10 ….. Hodge Podge Week of Topics

This week I have a mixed bag of thoughts which matches my mixed up week of getting back into a rhythm.  This was my first week back to work after having 2 weeks off between the holiday and having a combined business trip/vacation to Las Vegas.  It’s amazing to me how easy it is to lose good habits when you fall out of your daily routine.  I’ve finally got everything worked out with the exception of remembering to do my noon read of the Greatest Salesman.  It’s funny how this has been the difficult thing to remember because Scroll III is actually my favorite so far.  I have to say that every example Og used to describe persistence in the scroll resonates with me.  I especially love the reminder to “not hear those who weep and complain, for their disease is contagious”.  This is so true and easy to get swept up without realizing it. On that note, I did finally complete the 7 day mental diet.  It really feels great to accomplish that.  I also find that most of my subsequent days continue to be successfully completed per the mental diet instructions with me not even trying.  Another great habit developing!

I also really liked this week’s Master Key. I think we need to constantly remind ourselves that “abundance is a natural law of the universe”.  There is so much abundance available for us, we just need to reach out with our thoughts in harmony with the law of growth.  In order to be in harmony with the law we need to study it and practice making application of our knowledge to develop our power!  And, when we do this right, the things we are seeking will actually seek us out.  Makes me want to keep practicing and practicing and practicing!!!  I love it!!!!

Even after only 10 weeks of learning and practicing I am noticing tremendous positive shifts in my thoughts and attitude and I’m realizing more success both with work and my business…. And I’m still a rookie!!  I’m so pumped up to see what else we will learn about to put into practice to better align being in harmony with the law of growth!  I will persist, I will win and I will succeed!

I hope you all are having as much fun with this as I am!  Remember, we are whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!  Have a great week and go manifest your dream life!

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Week 9 …. Even more revelations!

Well week 9 is almost in the books and I have learned still another great and interesting lesson this week.  It comes from the Master Key readings and it really made me pause and re-think my approach to my self growth journey.  It comes from Master Key 9.26 which states “It used to be said that man is completely built over every seven years, but some scientists now declare that we build ourselves over entirely every eleven months; so we are really only eleven months old. If we build the defects back into our bodies year after year, we have no one to blame but ourselves.”  All I can say is WOW!  What a terrific opportunity I have to improve myself quickly!!!  All I need to do is focus on 1 or 2 things I want to employ to replace bad habits every 11 months and I can quickly make the journey to my whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy self!  I don’t need to keep building all of my bad habits back into myself.  I don’t know about you but 11 months seems like a reasonable time to focus to make progress (at least much easier to focus on than 7 years!).  This is something I’m really going to put some thought into over the balance of this week and next as I put together my goals for the next month and the next year.  I’m also getting close to completing my 7 day mental diet this week.  I’m up to day 5 and have only a couple more to complete.  I’m excited about being so close to completing this diet.  It was much harder than I expected it to be!!  What a great way to learn to control your emotions and thoughts and to really weigh what is worth discussing and how to steer conversations in the right direction or steer yourself out of it.  I hope you have all had a great week and I hope you have much to be thankful for.  I know I do.  Enjoy!

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Week 8….. I thought this week would be my breakthrough!

Week 8… Greetings from Las Vegas!!  Well we are almost 1/3 of the way through this course.  In some areas I feel like I have grown a bunch and sharpened my view of what I see as success for my future.  I really like many of the exercises and I love the way the elements build on one another and how the different study sources build on one another and compliment each other.  I’m an Engineer by education so I really like learning the theory then putting the theory into action.  The one thing I’m still bothered by and have not yet broken through is my ability to be totally positive and confident about myself and my abilities to generate my future success. I still find it difficult to read the gal in the mirror each night and to feel great about my day and I still find it very difficult to tell myself that I love me.  I have the ability to see the best in others and love others but not myself for some reason.  I’m working hard everyday to push the negative thoughts out of my mind quickly and replace those thoughts with my future success.  I thought this week would be much easier to be positive and to finally get through my 7 day mental diet since I am on a combined vacation/business trip here in Vegas, but now I find myself worrying about the money I’m spending.  Arrgggghhhh…..I don’t know why I can’t just relax about money, have some fun and know that I have a great vehicle between my business and my job that will allow me to build my wealth and achieve my DMP.  I especially know after soaking in 8 weeks of this course and doing the exercises faithfully that my crummy thinking about myself and money is holding me back but it’s the bad habits and the cement that is oppressively heavy.  I have faith that if I believe in the process and do the work that I can break through and actually love myself and relax about the money.  Until that time, I will faithfully chisel away one small piece of cement at a time until the real golden “Kim” appears beneath the dusty, grimy, grey cement covering.  Have a great week and enjoy the journey we are taking together!!

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Week 7….. Only positive thoughts!

Positive thoughts only …. for 7 days in a row!!!  What a project!  I’m working on one day at a time and continuing to start over and over and over.  This along with no opinions makes my mind quite busy analyzing all day.  It wears me out but I’m sleeping well!!  I am noticing progress though.  I’m also noticing that I speak more constructively to others I interact with on a daily basis.  I’m looking more for positive solutions and positive words to use in all situations.  I know this will have a big payoff for me when I finally achieve 7 days.  I’m looking forward to that payoff :o)  I think the next 2 weeks will make it easier to hit the 7 day hurdle because I’m going on a combined vacation/business trip out to Vegas.  I’m thinking that being away from the office and my day job will clean up my negative environment and allow me to relax a bit.  I do need to make sure I develop a routine and approach to stay true to doing my daily exercises though.  I’ll find a creative way I’m sure.

Onto more positive things, my home based business continues to expand and grow which is great.  I’m giving more to get more and it’s paying off.  I’m having to work a bit to manage my time better to both stay true to this course and to support my new consultants.  To do this I’m shifting from living by the clock to living by the compass.  I love this idea and the little compasses I purchased.  There were 12 in a pack for under $10 so I put them everywhere.  I have one in the bathroom to look at when I get ready for work in the morning and for when I get ready for bed. I have one on my desk at work.  I have one in my car and one on my dresser.  I have one hanging on the lamp next to my chair and I carry one in my pocket all day.  Anything to remind me what my direction should be.  I also continue to really enjoy my drive to and from work.  I look for shapes and colors all the way home and I shout out what my DMP element is that’s associated with that shape or color.  It’s like when you were a kid and you played the game in the car to find certain things during the drive.  I always say “I can be what I will to be” after finding the shape and reciting my DMP element.  I don’t even want to listen to the radio anymore.  My sits are also much more effective this week than they were last week.  I can definitely feel the heightened focus and direction.  The watchman at the gate is finally awake and drilling subby with the right material and sorting out the bad material!  I love it :o)  Have a great week everyone!

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