My name is Kim Krisher.  I’m a fun loving person who is really looking forward to learning more about myself through my Master Key Master Mind Alliance (MKMMA) journey.  I’m also interested in learning about the journey’s of others who are in the alliance too!

I work full time in manufacturing and I’m building a successful business based on helping others successfully build their own business.  I’m married, have 2 dogs and I live on Lake Ontario in New York State.  I love anything to do with nature and being outdoors (OK maybe not so much in the blowing snow up here :o) and I love hanging out with friends and family.



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Where on Lake Ontario are you? I lived in Webster for 10 years, about a mile from Lake Ontario and I had friends with cottages on the lake. New York is beautiful!

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  2. What a small world Janine! I live in Ontario just 1/2 mile east of Webster and just over the county line. 13 years ago we bought our dream home right on the lake and truly enjoy it at least 9 months out of the year. I can do without the 2-3 months of blowing, drifting snow off the lake but I’ll take the paradise with the reality! I read through your about section and you have had quite the adventurous life as well. I hope things are going well with your parents health. Thanks for reaching out!


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