Week 22 ….. Healing Thoughts!

Part 22 of Haanal’s Master Keys about health and healing couldn’t have come at a more perfect time for me.  I am headed into surgery in less than 2 weeks for the first time ever.  The surgery is not minor but it is routine.  The Master Key this week reminds us that our body subconsciously knows exactly how to heal itself perfectly all the time.  It is when we interfere with with this perfect action by introducing thoughts of fear, doubt and anxiety into into the mix that we mess up our natural perfection.  I have always believed in the power of positive thoughts but this lesson in it’s entirety really caught my attention and I focused on every word this week.  My sits have been centered around thinking calm, positive and joyful thoughts around all aspects of my health and my upcoming healing.  I am picturing the healing in detail from the moment my surgeon makes the first cut to the final disappearance of the visible scar and being fully back to 100% activity.  I am giving thanks and gratitude for my surgeon because I know she has performed hundreds of these surgeries and I am grateful for her experience and guidance to me.  I am giving thanks for the hospital and their staff of experienced and awesome professionals that will take care of my needs while I am in their care.  I am giving thanks that I am young and a relatively healthy person and I have done what I need to do to prepare for a speedy recovery both physically as well as mentally.  I am giving thanks for my friends and family who have gone through this before and have provided their experiences and advice to me to help me with my expectations around this foreign process.  I have also been reminded of the powerful influence of how extremely subtle fears and uneasiness can affect our bodies.  Yesterday I could have sworn that I was totally calm and relaxed at my pre-op appointment but sure enough, when they took my blood pressure, it was a bit elevated from my normal readings.  It is amazing to me just how powerful our mind is and how finely tuned our bodies are to react any thought.  I must have small fears or doubts that are virtually imperceptible to my conscience awareness that affect my body’s natural state.  WOW.  I think more sits are on the agenda for me!  I’m so blessed and grateful to have the Master Key experience and training to be able to lean on and put into practice in my life.  It gives me such an advantage over being one of the masses who just don’t know how much power they have to make the life of their dreams.  Life is awesome so enjoy it fully everyday!

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2 thoughts on “Week 22 ….. Healing Thoughts!

  1. good luck healing n recovery vibes from our summer island to you 🙂


  2. Thank you Lorelei!


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