Week 24 ….. What is the Truth?

I have spent some time this week really thinking about how much I have learned and how many adjustments I have made in my thinking, my perspective and my actions over the past 6 months since starting the MKMMA course in September.  It’s unbelievable sometimes how fast 6 months passes but when I look back I am very happy and excited about the new foundation I have built for my future life.  I am much more at ease with myself and less prone to beating myself up over not doing this or not doing that.  I gratefully practice the law of least effort by:

  1. Accepting both myself and my environment just as it is.
  2. Taking responsibility for my situation and looking for opportunities to make things better.
  3. Being defenseless and not feeling the need to change someone’s point of view or to be rigidly attached to my current point of view.

Living according to this law gives me peace and clears my mind to really look for those opportunities to make life better for others as well as myself.  It also allows me to live fully in the moment and the day to create my new future while learning from my past (not dwelling in my past).

I have picked up some great habits that I will continue to carry on long after this course and the “requirements” have passed.  Reading my DMP each day, reading my index cards each day, giving gratitude each day, keeping my promises, reviewing and designing my plan of action, completing services each week, studying teachings from the great mind masters and achievers each day, building my new blueprint each day, visualizing my new reality daily, etc, etc, etc.  Oh yeah …. and especially my sits!!!

Part 24 of Haanel’s Master Key has been incredibly enjoyable for me to read and ponder this week.  It’s amazing how religion, science and philosophy all intertwine and point to the same truth.  Our thinking controls our destiny and our destiny has no limits as long as our thinking is based in harmony with the Truth!  The thing to wrestle with is …. what is the truth?  Our perceptions, based on our senses, form what we think reality is and what we think truth is, but our senses and therefore our perceptions are fooled constantly.  For example, if you lived before satellites … is the earth flat or round? … does the sun travel around the earth or does the earth orbit the sun?  What other “truths” do we think we “know” but ….we just haven’t seen enough “evidence” to change our thinking, or perception, of what is really true?  The Master Key teaches us the only way to really find the Truth is to go into the Silence to know the Truth and to construct the conditions we desire by convincing ourselves absolutely the conditions we desire are the Truth.  Our thoughts must be in harmony with the Truth however, and that’s where most of us, myself especially, fall off the wagon.  We let our thoughts rest on inharmonious conditions so we get less than perfect conditions and results.  We possess the power to control and create any outcome we desire to benefit both ourselves and others.  We just need to practice and perfect our ability to maximize our ability to wield and control this power in harmony with the Truth continuously and perfectly.

It’s amazing to know this power is in me and you and everyone around us.  Imagine what this world would be like if all of us knew it and were practiced with it! What a world it would be!  Have a great week and go dig for the Truth!

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6 thoughts on “Week 24 ….. What is the Truth?

  1. It is amazing how much we have learned and how our lives have changed Keep it up

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  2. Great blog, we sure have learned a lot the last 6 months and we all have changed!!!

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  3. I love this blog Kim, your excitement is infectious! Yes what a lot we’ve learned over the last six months and you have shown your understanding in the blog. Keep building on your philosophy an remember that, as Emmerson pointed out we all have the power within us to build on our philosophies we are the creators of our dreams. Peace and love to you.

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  4. Thanks John. I’m glad you enjoyed my post. I will definitely keep building. This is only the beginning!


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