Week 23 …… I am Becoming Master of Myself

We are closing in on the final weeks of our MKMMA course and what a journey it has been.  I think back to September and where I was both mentally and from an ability to make things happen for myself and there is no question I have grown tremendously.  I always believed each of us controlled our own fate but I didn’t know how to think properly and how to focus on manifesting things in my life consistently.  Despite my poor thinking in the past I have achieved many of my goals and dreams.  It shows we don’t need much good thinking substance to get great results.  I really love this month’s scroll from Og.  “I am master of my emotions.”  I especially love the section that reads “Weak is he who permits his thoughts to control his actions, strong is he who forces his actions to control his thoughts.”  I added that to my stack of cards to read a few times daily as a reminder to myself.  I also added the final sentence “I am master of my emotions!” to the card.  When we complete this course I’m going to take some time to review each lesson again.  I’m sure I will pick up things I didn’t catch before, especially from the beginning of the course.  I’ve already been able to give away alot of the information I’ve learned to help others with their struggles and journeys. I love being able to help others while I help myself.

On a healing note, I’ve been able to continuously put lesson 22 into practice by visualizing and knowing that my body knows how to heal itself perfectly.  My surgery went well on Wednesday and I’m home healing now.  I made sure each day a couple of weeks before surgery to send good thoughts and blessings to my surgeon, the hospital staff and the surgery assistants.  After surgery I continuously visualized my body healing itself perfectly through all of its systems.  I visualized the blood circulating, the endocrine and energy systems circulating, my incisions healing from the inside to the outside and all of my other systems working together in perfect harmony to heal me quickly.  I am healing pretty well, I feel pretty good and my pain seems pretty manageable.  I’m grateful things went well and I’m sure I’ll be fully back on my feet soon.  My secret weapon is the power of my positive mind and the tools I have learned from this course!

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6 thoughts on “Week 23 …… I am Becoming Master of Myself

  1. Fantastic Kim; Giving power to your words and stating that your healing quickly. Our minds control our body’s. Need proof? Hold your breath for 5 minutes. I’m just being a wise guy. Grateful to have been a part of your journey.

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  2. Thanks Greg! I’m glad you liked my post!


  3. Excellent for me…going to face surgery soon and plan to use your strategy to the letter! Thanks Friend!

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  4. I’m so glad you found value in my post Janet. I’m sending positive thoughts and prayers your way and wishing you a great surgery and speedy recovery!


  5. Very nice post, hope you feel better now.


  6. Loving YOUR Blog 🙂


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