Week 21….. Miracles????

So…. is everything around us a result of a miracle or not?  That is the question we were asked to ponder this week during our Master Key class.  I have always found it easier to believe in miracles than to not believe.  As I was driving home from Florida to Upstate New York over the past 2 days I took the time to really enjoy nature and to really think about each creation in nature from trees to animals to the air we breathe to the water that nourishes us.  If I battleship my way back through to the origin of each creation I can’t help but wonder how each creation began…. by chance? ….. by natural order of the universe? … by miracle? ……. by some other means?  What about us as humans?  How did we first begin? ….. Evolution?  If so, what started the chain and is that a miracle? …. By God?  If so, is that is a miracle?….  By the big bang theory?  If so, isn’t that a miracle the moons and the stars aligned perfectly?  Anyway I think of it, the miracle is the easiest way to wrap my brain around the answer to that question.  Nature is so beautiful and awesome if you ask me.  I can’t get enough of the beauty no matter if I’m on a beautiful beach looking at the great ocean or if I’m looking at the snow being blown and driven by the wind in sub-zero temperatures.  Nature is a true gift to admire and appreciate and I’m happy to remind myself daily of its greatness and beauty.  Have a great week and enjoy the miracles that surround you.

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6 thoughts on “Week 21….. Miracles????

  1. Miracles are everywhere. Thanks to remind to us.

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  2. beautiful post on Miracles Gratitude for sharing 🙂

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  3. Creation is Awesome – Sometimes leaving me speechless – Einstein has me convinced…Everything is a miracle.

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