Week 20 …… The Law of Relaxation

Well I thought this week would be a perfect time to really practice the law of relaxation.  I’m on vacation down in Daytona, Fla … far, far away from the sub-zero cold, wind chill and snow of upstate New York, spending time with family and friends.  But nope…. for some reason I have really struggled to relax.  I’m anxious and fidgety.  I should probably unplug from all E-mail but I’m not really interested in coming back to hundreds of unread E mails (an excuse or a good plan of action? Hmmmm another thing to ponder)  To top it off, my friend who is staying at our house and watching our dogs is having a heck of a time keeping the driveway plowed between the winds and the quantity of snow.  I was back and forth with him Sunday trying to talk him through where he can push the snow and not get stuck and again today when he lost a brake line on the plow truck.  We had to work with him and neighbors long distance to try to line up both a fix for the truck and a way to keep the driveway opened up.  On one hand I feel guilty I’m here and he is there suffering through this but then I try to think of our lesson from Sunday and think of ways I can use this guilt as a tool (still working on that).  Our ability to call neighbors to get help while we are out of town reminds me of the practice my wife and I always live by which is “give more”.  We never really thought about adding “to get more” but it is coming to us now.  We have always had great relationships with our neighbors and helped anytime we could.  How great it is that we can call a number of neighbors now and they are more than happy to assist in any way.  It definitely takes a load off my mind.  I know I need to relax not only here on vacation but in my life in general if I truly want to manifest my DMP, but it seems like there is always something running through my mind to worry about.  I have spent time during my sits trying to figure out how to better relax but I still need more practice to really control my thoughts around relaxation.  I do notice that when I relax my mind around money worries, for instance, money seems to flow more freely toward me.  Repeat…repeat….repeat…. right???

I am enjoying creatively keeping up with my exercises this week (for the most part) and I’m really enjoying doing my sits.  I am pondering that we are all able to manifest anything we desire, we are just not practiced enough with enough good quality thoughts and/or control over those thoughts to be effective and efficient at this yet.  If I think back through my life, I have manifested many things that I have desired (my home, my relationship, my job, etc.).  I have done this without really being as knowledgeable about or practiced with the power of good, clean thoughts as I am now.  Now that I am more educated and practiced, I’m truly excited about my future!  I just require more practice and more focus and the development of better habits!

After writing this blog it feels like I have been through a great therapy session, I’m more relaxed and feel ready to perfect the law of relaxation in my life over the next week and a half :o)  Thanks for being my sounding board and have an awesome week for yourself!!

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6 thoughts on “Week 20 …… The Law of Relaxation

  1. I felt like I have been to a therapy session just reading your blog! Great tribute t the Law of Attraction

    Thank you


  2. I hope the therapy session was a good thing Linda! Thanks for enjoying my blog!


  3. In addition to relaxation you are in Motion

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  4. Don’t worry bout stuff you can’t change…SNOW what snow your in sunny Flow-a-da 🙂

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