Week 13….. Giving Thanks

I have focused on how much I have to be grateful for this week.  I have a terrific life and one that most people would envy.  Still I am restless because I know there is so much more I can do, can have and can be.  This MKMMA course has been a great guide for me to be able to amp up my contribution and my self development.  I love the way we blend the theory and the action into a finely blended recipe for success.  I am grateful that I stumbled across this course offering at the right time in both the calendar and my life.  The Master Keys are correct.  If your mind isn’t prepared to accept something new, you will reject the idea outright.  This is true for me for sure.  A year ago or even 6 months ago I would have probably passed on the opportunity to take this course.  The universe works in wonderful ways!  This weeks Master Key lesson continues to reinforce to me and build my confidence in my belief that getting my thoughts right and focused will propel me forward to achieve my definite major purpose in life.  I just need to continue to refine, practice and take continuous action with feeling on the things that will move me closer to my vision.  “I build my castle one brick at a time because one step at a time is not too difficult”.  I focus on these thought and use them to drive my actions on a daily and weekly basis.  I am grateful for many things and I am especially grateful for the simple exercises from this MKMMA course.  They are simple to do and simple to follow but boy do they produce tremendous results.  The achievement flashcards are also an impactful addition , especially mixed in with gratitude statements and our affirmations.  My subby continues to marinate in and focus on my DMP and the attitudes and actions that I know will produce results for me and all of us in this course together.  I persist and I win!  I close this blog with the final thoughts from my DMP…. I live a life of abundance and I receive blessings daily.  My life is incredible!!!

Have a wonderful week filled with joy and happiness!

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10 thoughts on “Week 13….. Giving Thanks

  1. Well done Kim! I love the progression you speak of and persistent attention to thoughts is so important.

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  2. Kim, Really great read. I love the “my subby continues to marinate in and focus on my DMP” Great phrasing. I too stumbled on Mark J while looking for something much better in MLM. I love his stuff and his methods.

    Kudos to you for a great blog . Nicely done.


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  3. I loved reading this YOU are on the move feeling confident i can FEEL it in this post…Celebrations are YOURs to claim 🙂

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  4. Kim, this is a fantastic expression of progression and I’m so happy you’ve shared this and that you are part of us and we are part of you. Thanks!


  5. Very nice post love reading it. Happy New Year to you & your family…..


  6. Thanks Kamal. Happy New Year to you too.


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