Week 8….. I thought this week would be my breakthrough!

Week 8… Greetings from Las Vegas!!  Well we are almost 1/3 of the way through this course.  In some areas I feel like I have grown a bunch and sharpened my view of what I see as success for my future.  I really like many of the exercises and I love the way the elements build on one another and how the different study sources build on one another and compliment each other.  I’m an Engineer by education so I really like learning the theory then putting the theory into action.  The one thing I’m still bothered by and have not yet broken through is my ability to be totally positive and confident about myself and my abilities to generate my future success. I still find it difficult to read the gal in the mirror each night and to feel great about my day and I still find it very difficult to tell myself that I love me.  I have the ability to see the best in others and love others but not myself for some reason.  I’m working hard everyday to push the negative thoughts out of my mind quickly and replace those thoughts with my future success.  I thought this week would be much easier to be positive and to finally get through my 7 day mental diet since I am on a combined vacation/business trip here in Vegas, but now I find myself worrying about the money I’m spending.  Arrgggghhhh…..I don’t know why I can’t just relax about money, have some fun and know that I have a great vehicle between my business and my job that will allow me to build my wealth and achieve my DMP.  I especially know after soaking in 8 weeks of this course and doing the exercises faithfully that my crummy thinking about myself and money is holding me back but it’s the bad habits and the cement that is oppressively heavy.  I have faith that if I believe in the process and do the work that I can break through and actually love myself and relax about the money.  Until that time, I will faithfully chisel away one small piece of cement at a time until the real golden “Kim” appears beneath the dusty, grimy, grey cement covering.  Have a great week and enjoy the journey we are taking together!!

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7 thoughts on “Week 8….. I thought this week would be my breakthrough!

  1. julieebanksttg

    Hi Kim, Totally relate to your blog, your keys words faith, belief and being aware of the positive changes we are making on our self discovery is guiding us through to real golden Kim. I’m with you.
    Julie 🙂

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    • Thanks Julie. I’m glad you liked my post. I’m never quite sure what to write about but it always comes to me. Maybe this was actually my breakthrough week after all :o)


  2. Kim, thank you for being totally honest. This is indeed a tough journey sometimes, but it sounds like you are making great progress. The old BP doesn’t go down easy. Enjoy the rest of your vacation. Have fun, relax.

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    • Thanks Joyce. I do think maybe I have begun my breakthrough after really taking time to think deeper today. Have a great holiday.


  3. Its OK Kim…breathe..maybe instead of it being hard work everyday to use the law of substitution MAKE it FUN instead…LAUGH at YOURself every time you blow the mental diet and start again 🙂 YOU got this …YOU are still here…YOU are doing GR8 everything is where it is for you for now EVERYthing is perfect 🙂


  4. Julia Standish

    You just read my mind and wrote it all out for me. However, I am not an engineer. Yet I am with you. We’re gonna enjoy the next trimester together…and finish strong.
    Thanks for a great post.


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