Week 7….. Only positive thoughts!

Positive thoughts only …. for 7 days in a row!!!  What a project!  I’m working on one day at a time and continuing to start over and over and over.  This along with no opinions makes my mind quite busy analyzing all day.  It wears me out but I’m sleeping well!!  I am noticing progress though.  I’m also noticing that I speak more constructively to others I interact with on a daily basis.  I’m looking more for positive solutions and positive words to use in all situations.  I know this will have a big payoff for me when I finally achieve 7 days.  I’m looking forward to that payoff :o)  I think the next 2 weeks will make it easier to hit the 7 day hurdle because I’m going on a combined vacation/business trip out to Vegas.  I’m thinking that being away from the office and my day job will clean up my negative environment and allow me to relax a bit.  I do need to make sure I develop a routine and approach to stay true to doing my daily exercises though.  I’ll find a creative way I’m sure.

Onto more positive things, my home based business continues to expand and grow which is great.  I’m giving more to get more and it’s paying off.  I’m having to work a bit to manage my time better to both stay true to this course and to support my new consultants.  To do this I’m shifting from living by the clock to living by the compass.  I love this idea and the little compasses I purchased.  There were 12 in a pack for under $10 so I put them everywhere.  I have one in the bathroom to look at when I get ready for work in the morning and for when I get ready for bed. I have one on my desk at work.  I have one in my car and one on my dresser.  I have one hanging on the lamp next to my chair and I carry one in my pocket all day.  Anything to remind me what my direction should be.  I also continue to really enjoy my drive to and from work.  I look for shapes and colors all the way home and I shout out what my DMP element is that’s associated with that shape or color.  It’s like when you were a kid and you played the game in the car to find certain things during the drive.  I always say “I can be what I will to be” after finding the shape and reciting my DMP element.  I don’t even want to listen to the radio anymore.  My sits are also much more effective this week than they were last week.  I can definitely feel the heightened focus and direction.  The watchman at the gate is finally awake and drilling subby with the right material and sorting out the bad material!  I love it :o)  Have a great week everyone!

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6 thoughts on “Week 7….. Only positive thoughts!

  1. Hi Kim this a very nice post, I truly agree with you on the part we sleep better, get up do the chores, opening up to talk to more people this sure is positive sign. I am all ways looking shapes too. Have a nice holiday….

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    • Thanks Kamal. By the way, is your name Kamal? I’m assuming but I wasn’t sure and I’m not good at finding the links to get back to your site. Anyways I appreciate your comment and I’m glad you enjoyed my post! You have a great holiday as well!


  2. julieebanksttg

    Hi Kim, Loved your post. It resonated with me. I too have noticed a difference when I speak to others especially since this new task.

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  3. How refreshing it is read your blog entry. It truly summarize my journey. I am truly enjoying the task of reading sharing blogs. I have been a silent person, and I didn’t realize how silent I was until I found it difficult to express my thoughts in words. I normally use others’ words. Making personal comments as part of our service is making me use talents I never used. Peace be the journey.


    • Thanks Julia. I’m glad you liked my blog. I too am finding talents I didn’t think would be helpful to others like this blogging and I never thought I would open a twitter account. I’m enjoying my journey and being able to mastermind with others. Have a great day!


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